10 Fail-Proof Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out… RIGHT Now

Don’t quite feel like sweating it out today? Think again! Unless, of course, it’s your designated rest day. In that case, come back and revisit this motivation tomorrow.

While you’ve likely never muttered, “Wow, I really regret doing that workout,” getting out there and getting the job done in the first place can be a huge hurdle. While motivation comes and goes, it’s not always there when we need it.

Mixed with a little discipline, though, finding some new perspective to take into your run, your walk, your lifting session, or your yoga class can be all it takes to renew that energy – just for the next hour when you NEED it during your workout!

By the time you’re 5-10 minutes in, you’ll forget all those excuses you were brewing up to get out of it in anyways.

For the person who thinks working out can’t be fun

Motivational fitness quotes

One of the most motivating ways to get out of the door and get moving is to remember how you’ll feel afterwards. You know – we never regret going for a walk, a run, or for a lift at the gym.

Even if we leave for that workout in a sour mood, dragging our feet, we can look back and realize that historically speaking, we feel darn good after a workout – even if it wasn’t the best!

The body and the mind are SO connected, and recognizing that link is a great way to understand how enjoyable and even fun working out can be.

For someone who needs to detach from the scale

Motivational fitness quotes

The scale is a perfectly fine determining factor for whether or not your efforts are paying off, but when it comes to fitness and working out, we have to expand the scope of measurement and goal-setting beyond that number!

There are more important numbers to pay attention to, anyways. How many miles can you run in a row, compared to how many you started with? How much weight can you squat now?

Your progress is much more accurately gauged when you put all of these numbers into perspective. If you don’t see the scale budge, you may very well just be getting stronger, which is something to celebrate!

For the person who keeps claiming, “I’ll do it tomorrow”

Motivational fitness quotes

Let’s face it – we’ve ALL been in this situation. If we think long and hard enough about what comes next, our brains become masters at convincing us there will be a more opportune time that isn’t right now.

Think about this: what if it IS right now? Whether you have trouble with working out each day and putting it off until you’re way too exhausted, or your fear of failure is forcing you to self-sabotage by never even giving yourself a chance to get started because it’s not “the right” time.

Give yourself a chance to succeed! You might totally blow yourself away. Some of my best workouts happen on the days I didn’t think I could swing it.

For the person who has trouble without instant gratification

Motivational fitness quotes

You know that feeling… you go to the gym once, you flex in the mirror, and you’re either trying to convince yourself that something’s changed or you’re utterly discouraged that nothing truly has changed.

Realistically, we KNOW this isn’t the way things work, but that drives home our need to remember that consistency is the KEY.

Instant gratification isn’t the point of working out, but knowing that each workout is a crucial step in building upon those big goals we have set is a fantastic way to crush that workout!

For people who have trouble prioritising fitness

Motivational fitness quotes

Think of all the small things you DO make time for each day. A good workout takes just 20 minutes when it comes down to it. You could make it longer or even shorter, but the important part is that you do it.

In any case, think of any other tasks, activities, or true priorities in your day that take 20 minutes. Why isn’t working out one of them?

We know people are crunched for time more than ever these days, but making one hour per week and dividing that up to work out three days of the week can be done by ALMOST anyone.

Why isn’t taking care of your body and mind a priority? Answer that and make it one!

For those who have trouble comparing themselves to others

Motivational fitness quotes

You know what they say: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s true, too. We already pointed out how important having an element of joy in your workout routine is.

Don’t let anything else get in the way of that – especially other people! Beyond setting those limits for yourself, comparing your own progress to someone else’s is naive.

Whether or not you’re on a similar path doesn’t mean you’ll get to where you’re going in the same way.

Find people who inspire you, build you up, and teach you all the while respecting the individuality YOU bring to the table with your own mission and goals. You are good enough, and as good as you aim to be!

Don’t stop at “someone else.”

For people who are on the pursuit of perfection

Motivational Fitness Quotes

If you’re discouraged by your setbacks or a lack of improvement in your workouts, you’re going to get worn down. This is a fact. Consistent motivation for working out is less about motivation and far more about discipline.

The least motivating thing is to be working towards a goal you’ll never attain. What might that be? Perfection, for one. If you’re striving for the impossible, you’re going to see your “improvements” dwindle rather quickly at some point.

Instead, readjust your perspective and your goals. If you do, each time you workout will offer you new milestones and victories to celebrate – even small ones!

For those of us who have trouble finding momentum

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Albert Einstein was a genius. While fitness may not have been his forte, he knows what the heck he’s talking about!

If your setbacks get you down, or you feel as though you “fall off the wagon” too often to keep moving forward, remember that moving forward is exactly what you need to do. If you don’t keep pushing, you’re going to keep falling.

At this point, it’s a matter of physics, and we can’t deny that! Think of your momentum as a scientific equation, and keep putting in the factors that give you the solution you desire.

For those who don’t properly value the rest day

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Our bodies are so freakin’ smart. It’s truly amazing what the body is capable of.

One of the most beautiful things about being on a fitness journey is getting in tune with the body and its natural cues when it’s time for us to push hard or just go home. We often don’t credit the latter option much, or instead, we chalk it up to “not good enough” or “not working hard enough.”

The rest day is where the magic happens; our muscles repair themselves and grow, and we can return to the gym or the trail the day after with renewed energy and muscles that are ready to work!

Some people really fall into the “tough love” fitness mentality which can do more damage than it does good. Trust nature and give your body a chance to restore balance. If something feels off… it probably is.

For someone who has trouble seeing the big picture

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Think of your health as an investment. Any investment generally starts small. If you start small, you have a low-risk investment that you can carefully tend to to make it worthwhile.

The best thing you can invest in? Your health! This is why spending money, time, and energy on eating well and exercising is never wasted. If you want to get rich just for today, hit the gym.

It will increase your net worth, your life span, your good mood, and your muscle size! Score. This is the gift that keeps on giving if you keep tending to it. Watch that investment grow.

If you’re looking for more fitness motivation, check out our 30-Day Squat Challenge! You can do it at home with no equipment, the rest days are built in, and trust us – you WILL feel the burn!

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