March 21

10 Awesome Recipes for Leftover Eggs


Whether or not it’s Easter, any batch-cooking connoisseur or lunch packer is likely accustomed to a carton full of hard-boiled eggs. They’re fantastic on their own on busy mornings, drizzled with a little hot sauce as a snack, or a quick protein fix after the gym.

While you may take them for granted, leftover eggs have a whole lot more potential. Let’s think outside of the shell and give you some creative ideas for easy and nutritious post-Easter munchies.

Spicy grain-free chicken Scotch eggs


A Scotch egg is typically an egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried to crispy perfection. While the original dish is decadent, it’s also quite heavy. Needless to say, it’s not such a healthy breakfast option. Fortunately, this recipe for leftover eggs is easily converted into a much lighter fare using better ingredients and skipping out on the breading and frying altogether. You won’t miss out on much as this recipe is jam-packed with spices giving them flavour and kick you can’t beat. Serve it atop a green salad with fresh lemon. You can find this recipe from The Healthy Foodie.

Beet pickled curry deviled eggs


The vibrant contrast in this dish will eliminate any notion that you’re chowing down on leftover eggs. These are the perfect appetizer for holiday parties or a tasty afternoon bite when you just need a little something to tide you over until dinner. Deviled eggs are the go-to recipe for hard-boiled eggs, but these take them to the next level. The red shell is coloured with fresh beets and pickled to perfection while the creamy inside is spiced up with curry powder. Find this recipe at The Mountain Rose blog.

Mayo-free avocado egg salad


Looking for easy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hard-boiled eggs in and of themselves are easy, and leftover eggs make using ’em pretty fool-proof. This recipe contains just four ingredients and makes a simple, satisfying weekday lunch. Pack up some of this for work on top of some greens or your favourite bread. This dish is packed with protein and healthy fats which will keep you fueled for hours to come. Check out the details from the Roasted Root.

Old school meatloaf with eggs in the center


Meatloaf is sort of boring. Granted, you can make it your own with different spices, veggies, mix-ups of various meats, and sauces. It’s just a loaf of meat after all. Consider it a blank canvas. The best thing you could do? Put an egg in it! Or five. It’s like those cereal boxes with a prize inside. With every slice, you get a little surprise. This will bring dimension to that boring ol’ meatloaf recipe any day and use up quite a few of those leftover eggs. Find out how to make it happen at The Everyday Maven.

Hard-boiled egg masala


Sometimes, takeout sounds better than working up those leftover eggs into something palatable and crave-worthy. This recipe combines the best of both worlds making easy and budget-friendly appealing to all the senses. The warm spices and luscious Indian-inspired sauce will turn those eggs into something brand new again. Better yet, you probably have all the ingredients you’ll need handy and ready to go. Check out the full recipe from Playful Cooking.

Sweet potato salad with avocado pesto


Looking for a healthier alternative to that old-fashioned potato salad? This dish uses nutrient-dense sweet potatoes, smoky bacon, creamy avocado, and fresh herbs. Eggs will add protein and substance to the dish which could easily turn this into a main course with a delicious kick from the bright green pesto. Save this one for summertime potlucks. This recipe comes from Food, Faith and Fitness.

Sweet potato and quinoa salad with soft-boiled eggs


This superfood bowl is packed to the brim with goodness. You won’t be missing out on flavour with this one. The quinoa and egg combo packs a protein punch for a delectable meatless Monday lunch that will make your coworkers green with envy. Beneath the surface lie sweet potatoes and loads of greens. Finishing touches include gorgonzola and a generous drizzle of olive oil and balsamic. Don’t forget the sunflower seeds! Find all the ingredients from Naturally Ella.

Spicy soba noodle bowl with egg



Who doesn’t love ramen? Unfortunately, ramen is known for being sold in sodium-packed, processed-food packages. It’s budget-friendly, but it isn’t very good for you. Fortunately, doing it from scratch can be both affordable and delicious with recipes like this one. This noodle bowl features soba noodles, an inherently gluten-free grain made from buckwheat. Homemade broth and sneaky leftover eggs on top will pull this one together. You can get the full recipe from Pinch and Swirl.

Soft-boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers


A soft boil can be achieved with a little less time and an ice bath when it comes to boiling eggs. This will leave the insides slightly creamy and perfect for dipping. That’s what you want with this gorgeous breakfast dish. Asparagus soldiers stand in for toast for a meaty breakfast veggie to soak up the lovely orange yolks in your leftover eggs. Get a little fancy with this amazing brunch idea from The Clever Carrot.

Savoury sprouted grain porridge with soft cooked egg


Leftover eggs shouldn’t be confined to breakfast, but they certainly can take it to the next level. We wanted you to expand horizons here with some interesting takes on grabbing ’em and going, and this savoury porridge does just that. Skip out on oatmeal for healthy sprouted grains which often cause less distress than whole grains. This recipe uses quinoa and rice, soaked and sprouted, making it the perfect gluten-free bowl for your morning. Catch the recipe from Tasty Yummies.

What are your best dishes using leftover eggs? Share them below!


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