The Happy Body Formula

"Love yourself enough to live happy and healthy!"

We own the formula for happiness and we are now ready to share it with you! How is this even possible, you may wonder...

For years, people have struggled with health and weight issue... and they still do. In such a hurry, messy lifestyle, sometimes we might lose sight of important aspects in our lives such as our health and our well-being, but things don’t have to be like that anymore. Everything started with the burning desire of helping people around the world to gain and keep a HAPPY BODY. 

It all started...

In 2015 when this team of passionate foodies and wellness enthusiasts decided to create the world’s best nutrition and wellness website. Why is this the best? Because it keeps up with the latest trends in nutrition, recipes, wellness, beauty and so much more for all the "avid” seekers of quality information who are in the search of an active development for their body and mind.

Our website has since become a hub for healthy recipes and wellness tips which is available to everyone looking for guidance and ideas toward changing or maintaining a flourishing lifestyle. 

What is this place?

We have created our own secure, happy place where we can share ideas, tips, advices and learn all the necessary practices leading to a happy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. We are all here to help each other out; our team members are scattered all around the world and we enjoy building genuine connections with our community through the experiences we all share. 

All this great content revolves around tips and tricks for keeping a natural and fresh look, finding and cooking some of the best, natural recipes good for the soul and body, health related articles and many other topics which you will find useful and interesting. Explore our happy corner and let’s see how many things we have in common!

"Be nice to your body and it will be nice to you!"

We are happy you joined us, keep posted for exciting free community challenges! For you, all our love and support... 

Meet Our Team

We are dedicated to ensuring our content is current, scientifically accurate and focused on you, the reader. Our team of writers, research, and real-life experience helps make sure we are providing you with information that you know you can trust.

Lauren Gamble is a author, mompreneur, co-founder of Naturally Made Essentials. She is on a mission to help thousands of women across the world achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle through teaching natural health practices.

Aimee McNew, MNT, CNTP, is a certified nutritionist who specializes in women’s health, thyroid problems, infertility, and digestive wellness. She ate her way back to health using a Paleo diet, lost 80 pounds, and had a healthy baby after numerous miscarriages. She focuses on simple nutrition practices that promote long-lasting results.

Melanie is founder of Whim Online Magazine, which is an online magazine based in Australia that has a strong focus on whimsical + dreamy photography, as well as art and fashion content.

Medical Review Advisory Board

To ensure all of our articles are of the highest quality, referenced and fact-checked, we work with an amazing group of doctors and medical advisors. You’ll see a section indicating that a post has been medically reviewed on many of our health related posts. Click here to view our medical review board.

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