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10 Decadent Paleo & Keto Fudge Recipes


GUYS. Let’s talk about fudge. This popular fair and festival confection has a way with the taste buds. It’s that simple and humbly delicious blend of milk, sugar, and butter that just hits the spot – especially for chocolate lovers.

It’s decadent, rich, and smooth, and you can make so many different flavors. Peanut butter, anyone? Of course, milk, sugar, and butter aren’t exactly the healthiest trio.

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With a few simple adjustments, fudge is very simple to make low-carb and keto-friendly. It can even be made without dairy if you’re keeping it paleo.

Wondering how? Well, we’ve got answers in the form of the most delicious (healthy) fudge you’ll ever taste.

1. 3-ingredient peanut butter fudge (keto) from Sugar Free Mom

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Following the classic standard for fudge, this recipe is made with just three ingredients. Peanut butter, coconut oil, and vanilla almond milk bring in that creamy richness with all those good fats that make fudge so tasty.

You can add some liquid stevia if you’d like, and if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, that optional chocolate drizzle is worth it.

2. Almond butter chocolate fudge (paleo) from Paleo Running Momma

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If you don’t do peanuts, try almond butter out for a change. This fudge is double layered with a base of chocolate chips melted with coconut oil and almond butter, with a purely almond butter layer on top.

It’s all naturally sweetened with raw honey. I recommend using Lily’s dark chocolate chips sweetened with stevia if you’re looking to cut back more on sugar.

3. Macadamia nut fudge (paleo) from Living Healthy With Chocolate

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Just check out those gorgeous, big chocolate chunks! Holy cow. These are 100% dairy-free, though. Macadamia nuts are a buttery, rich, and smooth nut to use for a paleo fudge recipe, and they make a beautifully decadent base when blended with almond milk, honey, coconut oil, and cacao butter.

It’s like eating a slice of raw cookie dough… safely.

4. Chocolate walnut fudge (keto) from Low Carb Yum

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Some people prefer the nuts whole in their brownies. While nuts are a pretty crucial part of paleo and keto fudge, some fudge needs a little crunch to it.

These walnut brownies have them strewn all throughout with a generous topping of them. These bites are made with low-carb condensed milk, heavy cream and whey protein for an interesting blend of ingredients that keep them super rich.

5. Pumpkin pie fudge (paleo) from Running to the Kitchen

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For those of you who love your pumpkin spice, pumpkin fudge is an absolute must-make treat for the fall season. No chocolate here, so it takes a bit less effort as you don’t have to temper anything.

These are made of a creamy, warming blend of pumpkin puree, coconut butter, maple syrup, cashew butter, and coconut oil – a beautiful host of real food ingredients!

6. Coconut raspberry fudge (paleo) from Savory Lotus

paleo-fudge-recipes-4 (1)

With just four ingredients, making these brilliant, raspberry-infused bites is so easy. This recipe is paleo and vegan with a simple base of coconut butter and coconut oil, sweetened naturally with maple syrup.

If your sweet tooth calls for fruit more often than chocolate, this is the fudge for you.

7. Salted caramel fudge (paleo) from Super Healthy Kids

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Salted caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Bringing some salt into the mix really steps that sweetness up a notch.

These aren’t strictly paleo, but you could easily swap out the peanut butter with almond butter used to make the base ooey-gooey and chewy. The caramel contains no dairy because it’s made with creamy coconut milk.

8. White chocolate fudge (keto) from Sugar Free Mom

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Some people like dark chocolate, some people like milk chocolate, and some people like white chocolate. Purists would deem it not chocolate at all, but one taste of these low-carb white chocolate fudge bites, and we think you might be a convert.

9. Pecan pie fudge (paleo) from Texanerin

paleo-fudge-recipes-6 (1)

Get a taste of the south or your grandma’s stand-out pie recipe with this seasonal treat. Pecan pie is good and all, but we quite like this adaptation for bite-sized pieces with just THREE ingredients!

This recipe is paleo and vegan, made creamy with pecan butter – an underrated nut butter choice!

10. Avocado chocolate mint fudge (paleo) from Nest & Glow


There’s nothing we like more than avocado making a sneaky appearance in dessert. How is that for some real food action?

It pairs brilliantly with chocolate somehow, and if you haven’t tried it, here’s a recipe to get you started. Infused with mint, these cool treats are the perfect sweet tooth fix.

These are sweetened naturally with coconut sugar, but you can replace that with your favorite zero calorie sweetener for a keto fudge.

Now, get into the kitchen and get your chocolate fix the healthy way! What fudge recipe are you looking forward to trying most?

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10 Healthy Paleo & Keto Fudge Recipes - Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free


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