August 2

20 Mantras to Keep You Motivated


Who doesn’t love a good inspirational quote? Sometimes, you read a few lines that just stick with you. That’s what we hope to give you here today with these mantras. I love finding quotes that resonate with me and writing them down in my bullet journal, tossing them up on a sticky note attached to my mirror, or highlighted in a book. Often, I read a good quote at the right time – just when I need it the most.

Sometimes, these quotes become mantras. A mantra is a little different; to me, it’s something you live by. It’s one of those repeat-worthy thoughts that boil up in your head as soon as the going gets tough. They’re gentle reminders to yourself that this is how I live. Hopefully, you find some motivation and inspiration here.

motivational quotes and mantras

Realising you can choose whether or not to act or react is a big “aha” moment for so many people. Next time something out of your control causes an initial knee-jerk reaction to boil up, think before you act or before you speak. You can respond thoughtfully and mindfully – you have that freedom! (Quote: Buddha)

motivational quotes and mantras

Now that is what I call a mantra! This one is easy to remember with the three C’s. Those three words, repeated over and over and applied to different situations in your life, will carry you though as you embrace choice, chance, and change, both together and as a whole process. (Quote: Unknown)

motivational quotes and mantras

Failure scares everyone. You’re not alone. If failure deterred everyone from trying, nothing would ever get done. None of the most groundbreaking discoveries would be made. People’s dreams would never come true. Doubt is the enemy, and you have two ways around it; embrace doubt and welcome it in, or gently push doubt aside and keep putting one foot in front of the other. (Quote: Suzy Kassem)

motivational quotes and mantras

Think of this life – or simply the hurdle you face – as a mountain. Better yet, think of it as untouched land. Nobody has ever walked this earth before you. Yes, it’s scary to take on the unknown. Remember this, though; you are not alone, and by doing this now, you will inspire others to do the same. Gear up, grab a friend, and put on your brave face. Every step of that journey will be worth it when you reach the summit and look out over the edge. (Quote: Unknown)

motivational quotes and mantras

This is a powerful one for many. The golden rule – “Treat others as you would like to be treated” – isn’t thought of in reverse quite often enough. Think of the way you approach friends, family, and even your children. You do it gently with love and compassion, especially when they are struggling! You have to do the same for yourself. (Quote: Jane Travis)

motivational quotes and mantras

Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s easy to look at other people’s achievements, accomplishments, and experiences and think to yourself, “I’m not enough” in some capacity. It’s even easier to do with social media and a constant stream of someone else’s highlight reel at our fingertips. Working on your own growth and vibrancy is YOUR focus. Don’t let someone else’s success undermine what you’ve already done. (Quote: David Peplinski)

motivational quotes and mantras

Think of each time you’ve felt accomplished. Truly, utterly accomplished. Those times are often accompanied by looking back at where you started and the word “impossible” comes to mind. You have to focus on the outcome, not just the immediate results of your action. The most worthwhile pursuits are never easy, and we often face a lot of setbacks on the path to where we want to go. Just keep going. (Quote: Elon Musk)

motivational quotes and mantras

Life is absolutely full of uncertainty and existential questions. It can feel overwhelming and cause anxiety at times. When those questions get to be too much, harness in on what IS certain, always; you! You can always work on improving yourself even in the face of adversity. You’re the most important project in your life at any given time, so give it a good go. (Quote: Albert Camus)

motivational quotes and mantras

The times in which you feel defeated are the most crucial to your success. Those are the times in which you need the most to push forward. Sure – you can take a step back, you can reevaluate, you can take a break, but don’t accept defeat. By proving to ourselves we can work hard when it feels like we can’t go forward, we build up the strength we need. Show yourself how strong you can be. (Quote: Maya Angelou)

motivational quotes and mantras

There is no better time to start than now. The worst disservice you can to do yourself in the face of your dreams, hopes, and desires is to put them off for another moment. There is always something you can be doing to working towards making that happen. Do it for YOU. (Quote: Napoleon Hill)

motivational quotes and mantras

It’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t feel like we’re at the right place to begin, or we don’t have the resources we have to get started, or that our potential just isn’t great enough. Here’s a secret: IT IS. Use what you have in this moment. Whatever it is, it is enough. (Quote: Arthur Ashe)

motivational quotes and mantras

Courage can be hard to come by and even more difficult to cultivate. When we’re feeling doubtful, anxious, or unprepared, it’s much more difficult for us to show up. Whether that’s in our partner’s life, at our jobs, or just taking up space with our bodies or our words, you have to step foot in the room first. Let yourself be seen – shoulders back, chest out, head high – as you are. (Quote: Brene Brown)

motivational quotes and mantras

What is mastery built upon? Practice does make perfect, so repeating the same tasks over and over will undoubtedly make you better at them. Whether this is an actual skill you’re developing or simply the mastering if your ideal lifestyle and personal development, consistency is key. Change doesn’t happen in a night. Think of all the years you spent out of practice, and remember, to reverse the process can take just as long – if not longer. Don’t let that discourage you from getting whatever it is you’re working on done each day. (Quote: Robin Sharma)

motivational quotes and mantras

Think about everything in your life that has changed. Think about the most beautiful acts of transformation you’ve ever witnessed in yourself, in the people you love, or in nature. Think about this: those acts of change weren’t resisting that change. It’s easy for us to get caught up in what we used to be, what we used to want, and a whole lot of the past in general. Reevaluate. Recognise who you are now. Start in a new place. We have to give up to move on sometimes. (Quote: Cheryl Strayed)

motivational quotes and mantras

In the darkest days of your life, and during your greatest struggles, you will also find the most light shining in. There, you will find your greatest triumphs. Remember this when you’re on top; remember the times you fell. Acknowledge them and appreciate them. The yin and yang of life is always present. Don’t ever doubt your strength. (Quote: Rupi Kaur)

motivational-quotes-15 (1)

What if being you was enough? It is. It really, truly is. Maybe it’s a cliche, but you are one of a kind! Nobody else is like you. If you can manage to make some good of that, you’re golden.


Let’s push tough love to the back burner for a moment and give ourselves some permission here. Telling yourself to “stay strong” all the time can feel a bit fake considering it’s not always as simple as it seems to toughen up and face the music. Kick and scream. Throw a fit. Be a child about it. Vent to a friend. Cry and cry and cry. Set aside time to do these things. You can be angry or hurt or discouraged as long as you resolve to ACT instead of react to those emotions. (Quote: Unknown)


When you’re feeling a little dragged down by the monotony of day-to-day life, work, and obligation, remember this: you have choices. Are you making time to feed your soul? What makes YOU happy? It’s out there – go and find it. (Quote: Dele Olanubi)

Mantra and quotes

Remaining true to ourselves is the best gift we can bestow upon our own lives. We can’t follow other people’s orders, or do things at someone else’s pace. You have to seek what you want. Awaken your dreams, wishes, hopes, and desires. Look inside for answers when you can’t find them. You might be surprised. (Quote: Carl Jung)


Be flexible in all that you do. Bend to your OWN wants and wishes rather than bending for someone else’s, which is undoubtedly a more common tactic. Strength comes in our ability to recognise the change in our needs and our paths. Be aware, but be willing to take a new trail when it presents itself. (Quote: Japanese proverb)

We hope you’re feeling inspired and motivated today to take on new challenges and truly live your best life, as your best self. Keep trucking forward. You’ve got this!


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