Best Anti Aging Products of 2018

There’s nothing wrong with aging, but chances are, you want to do it as gracefully as possible. It’s not all about appearance, but it’s natural to want your skin to look firm and fight wrinkles for however long you can.

Plus, having a good skincare routine just feels good. Being able to treat and pamper yourself at home is a treat we look forward to at the end of a long day.

No matter if you’re looking to seek out prevention for later down the road or you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles now, there are loads of products out there to help you get the job done.

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With that said, there are so many products on the market claiming to fight aging, and we thought we’d round up a few favorites of ours this year, sharing with you the ones we trust and the most well-reviewed on the market.

We have a little something for every budget and every type of skin, so if you’re looking for a little something new to add to your routine, you’ve come to the right place.

Best budget buys (under $20)

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LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream ($18.99 USD)

We love the natural and minimal list of ingredients on this one, so not only is it safe, but it’s effective! It’s designed for daily use with gentle, moisturizing ingredients.

Retinol – otherwise known as vitamin A1 – helps to clean out the poors, boost collagen production in the skin to reduce wrinkles, and increase cell turnover rate to fight discolouration and keep the skin smooth.

Read the reviews: “The price was low, so I was thinking it was not going to do much. I have purchased very expensive anti-aging cream that didn’t come close to what this product did. Amazing!!! I am a 47-year-old woman, and was not expecting a miracle. I found myself looking at my face before foundation and thinking that I really didn’t need it.”

Optimized Retinol 2.5 Serum ($19.50 USD)

Some people simply prefer a serum over a cream. It features retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E for the ultimate collagen boost. This all-natural product is made in the U.S.A. and not tested on animals, making it a safe and ethical choice, too.

Read the reviews: “I’m only 38, but I have noticed some wrinkles starting. We live on a farm, and being out in the sun is a daily hazard for us. I don’t really have a skin care regimen that I do on a daily basis, so I tried this. Just smooth it on and it dries really quickly. I liked that – I can’t stand that sticky feeling that moisturizer leaves! Even after only a week or so using this, I can tell a huge difference. My skin feels smoother. I thought it would just help with the softness, but it actually looks better to me.”

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum ($19.99 USD) 

How about adding some vitamin C to the mix? It boasts both vitamin C and E with a bit of hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help fight free radical damage to the skin, and can also protect the skin from sun damage.

Read the reviews: “Best serum I’ve ever used!! My face is smoother than when I was in my 30s, and my sun spots have faded! I noticed improvement on day 3 – I kid you not!! Wrinkles are MUCH less noticeable. It absorbs quickly and easy to apply! I love it!!! I am already ordering more and plan try their other products. I am 49, and I swear it made me look younger in less than 2 weeks!”

DERMA E Hydrating Night Cream ($19.00 USD)

I love this brand for everything, so their night cream has got to be good! They sell natural products for really good prices, and their moisturisers and creams last forever because they’re so thick.  It’s enriched with vitamins A, C and E, allantoin (a moisturiser) and panthenol (a B vitamin). This cream is perfect for your pre-bed ritual and waking up fresh-faced.

Read the reviews: “I am a 25-year-old ex-smoker, and have been trying to repair the damage it has done to my skin, along with reducing my acne. This night cream does not irritate my acne, leaves my skin feeling softer than it ever has, and is helping the fine lines I have around my eyes. The smell is very pleasant, it has a nice creamy texture, and I really like the glass jar it comes in!”

Best splurge items ($20+)

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TULA Probiotic Skin Care Illuminating Face Serum ($51.55 USD)

Probiotics – say what? Of course we love this one with the addition of some friendly bacteria. It’s a great serum choice for anti-aging and dark spots on the skin, free of any junk you don’t want your skin coming in contact with like parabens, phtalates, and even gluten. Instead, it’s packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins, and fruit extracts. Score!

Read the reviews: “I have been using this serum for about 7 weeks. I have battled with cystic acne and rosacea for years. This serum has improved my skin texture. I can tell that the redness is going away, and my scars and dark spots from the acne are also starting to fade. This serum is worth the price!! Makes my skin so smooth and clear!!

DERMA E Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer ($33.20 USD)

A peptide cream is a fantastic choice for anti-aging and moisturisation. This product contains a powerful duo: matrixyl and argireline. The latter is a short-term fix for wrinkles, working directly on the muscles of the skin to smooth wrinkles.

Matrixyl, on the other hand, is more of a long-term fix that works on DNA and stimulates collagen production. The combination offers both immediate results and prevention for down the road, as collagen production slows significantly with age.

Read the reviews: “I use this daily for about a few weeks now and there is a definite difference in my skin, it’s much firmer and my skin tone seems to be more even. Very little smell, and it doesn’t make my skin break out which is a plus since I have very sensitive skin.”

Algenist SPF 30 Sublime Defense Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer ($47.80 USD)

We love a good moisturiser with SPF, doubling up on anti-aging compounds and sun protection to keep your skin protected from UV damage.

It even claims to protect from air pollution, so this is fantastic for keeping those toxins from getting under your skin – especially if you live in the city.

Read the reviews: “This stuff makes your skin look so smooth, young, and beautiful without being overtly obvious. You’ll get compliments. And trust me… when it’s 106 degrees outside and you’re sweating like crazy, and you get a compliment about how great your skin looks – well, don’t think you’re a) going crazy and b) the compliment-er is messing with you. They’re not! This product works even in the worst conditions!!! I absolutely worship this cream and wouldn’t stop using it if somebody paid me, it’s THAT good.”

Best eye creams

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Baebody Eye Gel ($23.95 USD)

Puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles got you down? Many people like to have a product just for their eyes, and for good reason. They really make or break our appearance, and many people notice them!

Hyaluronic acid comes in for hydration and wrinkle-fighting to plump the skin. This cream is also full of matrixyl, vitamin E, MSM for collagen production, and plant stem cells that work to strengthen skin and protect against both sun damage and aging.

Read the reviews: “I bought the Baebody Eye Gel because my eye area was in need of serious help. I’m a mom, have a job, and recently lost some weight, which is apparently the perfect recipe for an under-eye disaster. All the great reviews (and reasonable price) convinced me to give it a try – and I’m so glad I did! I have been using it for just one week, and I’m already really happy with the results. The wrinkles under my eye have lessened a lot, and my upper eyelid looks so much tighter and less droopy which was an unexpected bonus.”

MC Cosmetics Under Eye Cream 30+ ($16.69 USD)

This eye cream targeted for ages 30+ is perfect for those who want to get the ball rolling on preventing wrinkles or those who need a bit of a lift for bright eyes.

Botanical ingredients, vitamins, and amino acids in conjunction with ethical production practices make this product a winner in our books. It’s great for both men and women, and it’s an entirely natural way to fight aging and crow’s feet.

Read the reviews: “Love this! I have tried so many eye creams but this is by far the best one yet. It’s lightweight, yet hydrating (unique gel/cream texture). It softened some of my fine lines and brightened my under eye a lot. I have sensitive skin and this has been just perfect for me.”

Queen Bee Naturals Best Eye Balm Peeper Keeper ($14.95 USD)

This gentle balm is perfect for the naturalist, containing ingredients you’re familiar with – the main one being olive oil!

You’ll also find some other favorites of ours including coconut oil and avocado oil for a gentle and moisturizing balm to use throughout the day when you feel your eyes drooping a bit. This is the perfect way to add some hydration to the mix and fight dark circles under the eyes.

Read the reviews: “I love this eye cream. I’ve never had luck with eye creams before because they’ve irritated my eyes and eyelids. This cream is great and has not been irritating. I use a q-tip to apply to my lids and under my eyes. A little goes a long way so this product also lasts a long time. A great value for the money!”

Do you have any anti-aging products you swear by? Let us know! We hope you found some new options for natural, affordable skincare here today and found these reviews helpful when navigating the ever-growing market.

Best Anti Aging Products of 2017
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Best Anti Aging Products of 2017
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