November 9

How To Use Bumper Plates


Fitness bumper plates are a sort of weighted plates commonly used with Olympic barbells for training purposes. They're generally made of extremely dense rubber with an adjustable steel collar at the center.

Bumper plates have become increasingly popular than traditional tri-grip plates because they're used in other training forms, including Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, and resistance training. You can also use these as a part of your fitness routine in the comfort of your home. 

Unlike traditional weightlifting methods where you have to lift heavy weights to make the weight work and gain more power, bumper plates work much differently. They function by having a unique design that allows the plates to slide in place when the weight is in use.

When the plates are being lifted, they will automatically return to their original positions, allowing you to use as little or as much weight as you want to raise.

Analyze Its Safety

One thing you have to consider when using bumper plates for exercise is the safety aspect of it all. With different gym equipment choices available out there, you have to make sure that you invest in the best bumper plates to eliminate the chances of getting injured.

Also, make sure that the plates are lightweight and can be easily moved around. You don’t want to worry about the plates falling off the machines as you work out, so make sure that you take precautions like this to keep your workouts safe.

To further prepare, you can watch online videos that demonstrate how to safely use this type of equipment or sign up for an online fitness class where you will be guided accordingly.

Consulting with a fitness trainer would also help; let a professional design a workout routine for you at home, especially when you plan to use bumper plates.

Consider The Size Of The Plates

When looking at how to use bumper plates for exercise, you also need to consider the size of the plates you’re using. If you’re trying to gain weight, you need to make sure that you’re using a plate that’s larger than your actual body weight.

For instance, if you’re working out to prepare for a marathon, you might want to make sure that you use a plate that’s equal to your body weight. If you’re just trying to tone muscles, you might want to check out smaller plates, so you don't end up having to deal with handling a bunch of big ones unnecessary for your routine.

Consider Your Body Movements

Using bumper plates for exercise can also be related to how your entire body moves and your specific workout goals. If you want to work on your upper body, make sure that the plates are adjustable so you can move them up and down with ease.

This way, you can do leg presses and chest presses, all from using the same plate. This option can be a good way to strengthen and tone your upper body muscles all in one place.

Bumper plates in gym with dramatic lighting

It’s a different consideration when leg movements are involved. For instance, those doing bumper box squats know that this routine works out their leg fitness well.

The way this works with bumper plates is that you'll have to stack the plates to reach your knee height. You need to load your bar and back up to the plates that are stacked. Always make sure that your torso is tight when you sit on the plates and be as upright as possible whenever you stand up.  

If you wish to work on your abs, you’ll have to do weighted sit-ups. Here, you could use one bumper plate and lay on the ground while holding it close to your chest.

When you have sat up, you must extend the weight in the upward direction and repeat this movement. Monitor your repetitions as you go along, and try not to over-exert. 

Another movement involves the Russian twist, where you need to lie on the floor with your legs bent. Your upper body should be elevated with the bumper plate held directly in front of you.

Once you have held this position, begin to twist your torso to the right and tap the bumper plate on the ground. Hold this position for a minute and return to your starting 

Regulate Your Speed

When looking at how to use bumper plates for exercise, you also have to think about the stability you need. It can take a lot of effort to move a plate from one place to another, especially if it’s heavier than what you’re accustomed to handling. 

To avoid injury while working out, it’s always a good idea to move your weights slowly. This strategy will help keep you comfortable with your movements, and it will also help you move around without worrying about the weight.

By doing this, you can get efficient cardio benefits from your workout. But if you’re going too fast, you may experience physical pain during the fitness session as if you are straining. If possible, always check with a fitness trainer if you’re doing the proper movement.

Monitor Your Response

Your body will always ‘communicate’ its reactions to you whether you’re using any fitness gadget in any manner. You will feel the natural soreness after a workout, but your body would feel good about it.

However, if you feel as if you’re strained, you might need to reconsider your fitness patterns. You may be taking on weight that’s too heavy, or you may be doing positions that are damaging parts of your body.

Make sure to consult a doctor before undergoing any fitness routine, and always consult a fitness trainer whenever you start or continue to experience any uncomfortable amount of physical pain. 


Using bumper plates requires careful attention to avoid getting injured. When working out at home, make sure to purchase bumper plates that are safe to use and won't slip off when you’re in session.

Make sure that you’re taking on the weight you can handle to avoid getting injured. Consider the body movements you will adapt depending on what body part you aim to work out.

Always listen to your body as it communicates when there needs to be a change in your fitness routine. If you experience any continuous physical pain, you must consult your doctor.


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