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12 Buckwheat Recipes You Need to Have In Your Life


Buckwheat is a healthy and versatile addition to any diet, as you’ll see in these recipes. From salad to dessert, buckwheat comes in many forms and can be used in endless types of recipes.

It’s often thought of as a cereal grain, but it’s actually a seed! In any case, buckwheat is naturally gluten-free. It’s also low-glycemic, associated with blood sugar handling, linked to a decreased risk of both diabetes and heart disease, and can help prevent gallstones.

The list of health benefits is a long one!

Buckwheat is pretty nutritious compared to other grains like rice. It’s also more sustainable than oh-so-popular quinoa. It contains fibre and important minerals like manganese, copper, magnesium and phosphorous.

You can find it in a few forms including buckwheat flour, buckwheat groats (kasha) and buckwheat noodles a.k.a. soba noodles. It makes a nice alternative to those who want to avoid wheat flour or have a gluten intolerance.

Plus, it has a nutty taste that pairs well with many foods both sweet and savory.



Like with most grains or pseudograins like buckwheat, its health benefits are increased when it’s properly soaked and sprouted prior to cooking or consuming.

It makes it easier to digest, and the vitamins and minerals that are present are more bioavailable meaning that the body can utilize them easier. Here are ten of our favorite recipes to try your hand at.


1. Chunky chocolate buckwheat granola


Let’s begin with breakfast! Buying cereal at the store is an obvious no-go if you’re trying to eat healthy. All you have to do is read the ingredients to see why. This granola brings in that sweet crunch you’re after without all the junk.

Oh, and there’s chocolate, so it’s an obvious winner. Toasty hazelnuts give it that dangerously good Nutella vibe. Who doesn’t want to kick off their day with a bowl of this stuff? Get the recipe from My New Roots.

2. Overnight coconut buckwheat porridge


You’ve maybe heard of overnight oats or chia pudding, but this is the two combined – minus the oats. Ask any diehard oatmeal fan if they get sick of eating porridge, and the answer is likely a resounding “no.”

Still, it’s good to switch up the grain sometimes! This buckwheat bowl is ready for you when you wake up, packed with omega-3s, healthy fats, fibre and more to keep you plenty full until lunchtime. Get the recipe from Foolproof Living.

3. Chicken stew with buckwheat and avocado


Buckwheat serves as a gorgeous base to top off with stews. It soaks up the flavours well, adds a layer of texture, and provides its nutty taste to the rest of the meal. The stew and the buckwheat just work together.

This meal has a perfect balance of low-glycemic starch and veggies paired with a punch of protein. The avocado adds the healthy fats and boom! You’ve got yourself a meal. Get the recipe from Maria Ushakova.

4. Pumpkin buckwheat stew with kale & turmeric


This vegetarian delight is rich and hearty with fall flavors from fresh, creamy pumpkin and warming spices like cinnamon and cumin. It’s just a little bit spicy with fresh chili and you can tweak it to your liking.

The buckwheat and chickpeas bring in the robust base in this stew. Plus, it features two of our favorite superfoods: kale and turmeric! This healthy, filling meal should be a staple in your autumnal meatless Monday routine.

Get the recipe from Sprouted Fig.

5. Buckwheat noodles with chicken, kale & miso dressing


This recipe features soba noodles which are made with buckwheat flour and traditionally featured in Asian-inspired dishes. This simple pasta is nourishing and packed with umami from the miso dressing.

It provides a super healthy dose of veggies from mushrooms and kale, and protein from tender, sliced chicken. Get the recipe on Happy Body Formula.

6. Mediterranean halloumi buckwheat nourish bowls


This nourish bowl does just what it says it does – nourishes! Grilled halloumi cheese is the star in this buckwheat dish, undeniably. It’s smothered with a “magical,” herby green sauce with Mediterranean flavors from tahini, lemon and fresh parsley.

It’s basically a loaded salad but better. There is room for plenty of veggies in this dish. You can easily swap our cheese for chicken, some beans or your choice of protein. Get the recipe from Nourish Everyday.

7. Summer buckwheat salad


This lively summer salad incorporates the absolute best in seasonal produce from juicy, ripe blueberries to perfectly plump peaches. It’s served tossed with a simple blend of rocket, mint and walnuts with an EVOO and lemon dressing.

The buckwheat lends some chew to each bite. This light salad is refreshing and full of antioxidant-rich foods. Get the recipe from Nirvana Cakery.

8. Buckwheat banana pancakes


Banana pancakes are the ultimate comfort food. Just think about cutting into a thick, fluffy stack of flapjacks smothered in maple syrup and banana coins.

These guys aren’t your average diner food, either; they’re actually pretty good for you. They’re gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free! Get the recipe from The Awesome Green.

9. Buckwheat crepes with Greek salad & eggs


Maybe you’re more of a savory person when it comes to brekky. If so, buckwheat makes a fantastic crepe which you can truly stuff with anything you like. We really like this protein and veg-heavy combination of Greek salad with feta cheese and black olives with some eggs tucked in there.

This is an awesome A.M. powerhouse; try it with smoked salmon and cream cheese or berries and cream, too. Get the recipe from Healthy Recipe Ecstasy.

10. Seedy Buckwheat Bread (Gluten-free)

Seedy Buckwheat Bread

This gluten-free and egg-free break is full of buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds, sesame and chia seeds and linseeds, all held together by nutty buckwheat flour, water and some psyllium husk to avoid any risk it turning into a crumbly mess.

This bread can be sliced super thinly, toasted to a savory granola-like crunch and it is sturdy enough to be the perfect vehicle for open-faced sandwiches. Recipe from Real Simple Food.

11. Buckwheat “Garden” Salad

Buckwheat Garden Salad

Full of nutritious, crunchy veggies and flavourful ingredients like olives, herbs, citrus juice and nuts, this cold buckwheat salad is a real superfood powerhouse. It’s great for a lazy warm evening or a weekend lunch.  Recipe from The Healthy Foodie.

12. Gluten-free honey buckwheat spice cake


Gluten-free, refined sugar-free and full of delicious spices that complement buckwheat incredibly well, this recipe means you can have your cake and eat it too (without the bellyache).

This cake is also really simple to make with a rather small list of ingredients, and it’s entirely dairy-free – even the coconut cream and honey frosting. Get the recipe from Gluten-Free Girl.

Did you know how many awesome recipes you could make with buckwheat? Hopefully, this roundup has inspired you to use more of it in your cooking. Tell us what dishes you’re looking forward to below!


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